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World premier launch of WFLs M200 Millturn..>>

Article added to our website's news section on Thursday, June 9, 2016

Large turning-drilling-milling centres for the complete processing of complex and high-precision workpieces has been a speciality of WFL for three decades now. A logical advancement of this was therefore to expand the range of workpieces that can be machined. With the new M200 MILLTURN, workpiece dimensions have now taken on gigantic proportions. WFL will be presenting its flagship for the first time at its site in Linz from 6-10 June.


This machine is ideally suited for both heavy machining and high-precision finishing. It can handle workpiece dimensions up to 2 m in diameter, up to 14 m in length and up to 60 t in weight. The machine also comes in various turning lengths and centre distances. The slogan "Size does matter" is actually a highly suitable way to illustrate the scope of applications that the machine can be used for in the future: large landing legs, massive crankshafts, turbine and generator shafts, large valve blocks, and shafts and rollers used in heavy industry. From a technological perspective, the list of potential applications is endless. 


With a peak value of 80 kW and 1,800 Nm(S1), the TBMU even "devours" workpieces that are difficult to machine. Thanks to the vibration-absorbent cast components with optimised rigidity, machining is nearly vibration-free. The HSK-A125 tool interface that is provided as standard, in addition to the optional Capto C10, also guarantees full utilisation of the potential offered by this device and by its turning power. High-performance drives maximise the feed strength and ensure a speed of processing that is unrivalled in a machine of these dimensions. Thanks to the B-axis, the workpiece can be machined at any angle and, if needed, using 5-axis interpolation. 


The various types of processing that the machine offers are therefore unlimited. Alongside heavy drilling and deep-drilling operations, the types of processing available for the internal machining of workpieces knows no limits. When it comes to producing special, one-off solutions, WFL is the right partner, as its decades of experience in project-related tool building will certainly provide you with the type of machining you require.


Compared to many conventional machines, the completely enclosed working area of the machine with a variable platform concept offers a decisive advantage. The machining performance is so violent that the chips are shot out on a regular basis due to the high cutting speed. The closed working area not only offers a decisive safety factor, but also enables the use of innovative technologies with regards to maximum coolant pressures and deep hole drilling processes with extremely high volumes of coolant. In addition, the new, patented, variable platform concept offers the machine operator the best possible access to the workpiece, regardless of its exterior contour. This uncompromising all-rounder sets completely new benchmarks when it comes to efficiency, ergonomics and safety. 


Tools with lengths up to 1000 mm and a weight up to 40 kg can be stored in the well-proven, forward-accessible disc magazine with up to 90 tool stations. The machine operator can easily equip tools via the rather large window. The types of magazine available also leave no customer wish unfulfilled. Along with the disc magazine, there is also an option for a 200x chain magazine. If the dimensions of the standard magazine are no longer sufficient, then there are automated magazine options available with their own heavy load interface for tool lengths up to 3 m.  


If required, there is also a highly stable slide available for the most difficult internal machining as well as for the attachment of special units (e.g. rotor slotter, side and face milling cutter unit for crankshaft processing).  


"The complete machining solutions of our existing MILLTURN series are now also available for extra-large applications. The advantages of complete machining really come into their own for large and expensive workpieces: higher productivity, unimagined flexibility, higher precision with simultaneous cost savings. The potential is simply fantastic," says Martin Kaukal Sales Manager at WFL Millturn Technologies enthusiastically. 


Further highlights I The new M40 MILLTURN

However, WFL isn't just gaining ground in the large machine segment; there are also innovations in the segment for machine sizes with a turning diameter of up to 520 mm. WFL isn't going to mess around with the proven machine concept of the M40 MILLTURN with its excellent qualities, but rather set its sights on improved efficiency and ergonomics. "A MILLTURN with a maximum machining length of 4500 mm in a turning diameter range up to 520 mm is now available, ideal for long shaft components and complex, tube-shaped components such as those from the aircraft or oil field industry," says Dieter Schatzl, Head of Marketing at WFL Millturn Technologies. "The new midsize Millturn is making its world premiere at this year's AMB in Stuttgart. A preview of it is also available here in Linz to invited guests," continues Schatzl.


Design detail improvements of various machine components as well as an additional increase in reliability are the focus for the M40 MILLTURN: special attention was placed on improved, user-friendly access to the standard tool magazine (from the front via the large sliding window). The redesigned operator panel now has improved ergonomics for shifting, improved access to the integrated printer, more space for optional control elements, optimised cabling and thus improved serviceability.  "The modernised operator panel is now available for all machine sizes, except the M35 MILLTURN," says Dieter Schatzl.  


Integration of additive manufacturing methods in complete machining centres

WFL is certainly not ignoring the topic of additive manufacturing. The integration of a 10 kW, high-power laser not only facilitates material fusing, which can be exploited industrially, it also enables precision and low-distortion hardening for surfaces that are at risk of wear. The extremely high cladding rate not only allows you to process straight tracks for material fusing, the use of the several NC axes of the MILLTURN also make nearly any geometric shape possible. Thus complex cooling channels or bent connection flanges can now be manufactured efficiently. 


Reinhard Koll, Applications Engineering Manager, emphasises that "WFL's goal with the integration of the laser is not to limit the flexibility of the "basic" MILLTURN in any way. Significant attention has been paid to the automatic change of the laser unit. The prerequisite for this was that the technology of additive manufacturing could be integrated into the MILLTURN without manual intervention. The laser technology perfectly enhances the already wide-ranging processing options available for the MILLTURN and is another step towards shortening and simplifying the process chain and thus the lead time."


Laser technology is another step forward for the complete machining centre. Operations that until now required unclamping and external processes can now be done in the course of complete machining via MILLTURN. This not only benefits the lead time and process control, it also leads to significant improvements in component quality and considerable savings when it comes to tooling times. 


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